Bath Time Fun

my daddy  says its bath time

so I run fast up the stairs

I quickly get  undresst

and pick up my bears.


daddy sais no bears tonight

I say oh daddy please

I was even beggin on my knees


I jump into the bath

and the bubbles go up high

I hope they come down

before my daddy dose a sigh.


I  love playing  with the water

this rilly is fun

I pour the water in and out

until daddy says if im done.


I haven’t even washed yet

id better hurry up

I  wash my face

but I just cant help playing with the cup


I love the evnings at home

when me and kory  have a bath

we wash  and  play together

we both have a grate laugh.


By Caitlin


5 thoughts on “Bath Time Fun

  1. well done very proud of you love mummy xx

  2. well done caitlin from RC

  3. It was such fun!!

  4. thanks a lot every one

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