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Big Write Talk Homework

This week in Big Write we are going back to the Three Billy Goats Gruff, but with a different ending. As you know, the largest Billy Goat knocks the evil troll into the river under the bridge. This time, something different will happen and that’s the twist. Maybe the troll goes to eat the troll and falls over a stone. Perhaps the larger Billy Goat disguises himself as a troll and sneaks past the troll that way. It’s up to you – let you imagination go wild!

Big Write and Sport Relief

This week our Big Write is linked to Sport Relief. For the last few weeks the children have been learning how to play hockey during the Monday afternoon PE lessons with Miss Wiggins. They have been learning how to control the ball and play simple games. For their writing, the children will need to write the instructions to of the games they have played during the hockey lessons. What equipment do they need? In what order do they need to do each item? Remember, you don’t need to write anything for the homework, just talk through what the children will write, although you can make some notes if you wish.


Big Writing – March 14th 2014

This week in the Big Write the children will be writing the story of the Billy Goats Gruff. We have read it in class and have discussed the language that is used to tell a good story. Ask your child to tell you the story clearly and carefully. Can they remember what happens at each stage? Can they imagine when a page might be turned? You might want to retell the story together, or they could even do it more than once.