Big Writing 2nd May

This week for Big Write we will be writing the story of The Gingerbread Man again, but this time we are going to add in a creature that joins the chase. It could be an animal or person, but it needs to add an element of interest for the children. To help the children manage to tell a whole story there will only be four characters in the chase: the old lady, the old man, their character and also the fox. Over the last four weeks the children have writing wonderfully well, but I would love to see even more description, so try to help your child imagine what their character looks like, as well as the setting.

Many thanks

Mr Smith

Big Write Talk Homework for April 25th

As you will know our theme has changed to Castles and Fairytales and so this week we will be writing a traditional tale, The Gingerbread Man. We have told the story a number of times in class and the children are familiar with the story, from beginning to end. For the talk homework, ask your child to tell you the story as best they can. As this is the first week, they might slip up at times so feel free to help them as much as want. There are few different versions of this story, but don’t worry about which one you use – as long as the key parts are included, that’s fine.